Now Every New Yorker Can Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance With These Six Tips



Achieving a work-life balance can be challenging for some New Yorkers. New York business is all centered around being on the go. “Too much to do and not enough time to do it,” that is what you hear from a lot of New Yorkers. Workaholics tend to be their own worst nightmare.

New Yorkers can finally achieve that balance with these 6 tips.

1) Are you an overachiever? You probably developed this personality trait early in life. You feel the need to be perfect and anything less is just unacceptable. I used to feel the same way. You need to let go of the idea of being perfect. You may have some added responsibilities like family. You should strive for excellence, not perfection.

2) You need to turn everything off. You spend so much of your time plugged into technology, whether at work or home. Turn off the phone and enjoy the moment. I like to live in the moment and enjoy the things around me. Every notification adds an element of stress to your life, good or bad. You should learn to say no. Sometimes you just need to put down the phone and de-stress.

3) Exercise and meditation are a great habit to get into. In the middle of the day, I turn everything off. I spend an hour or so meditating. I also get out and take a walk. Nature offers a great release from whatever is going on in the day. You may not have a lot of nature in your area of New York, but you should try to make it work.

“Put down the drink and find a more natural way of handling your stress. The drink will only complicate things. Alcohol gives you the illusion that you are creating balance and you are not.”

4) Each of us has different things that bring importance to our lives. You need to find what is important to you and concentrate on that. I do not mean your job, either. The only role your job plays is to help you earn money, nothing more.

5) You should try to get rid of the activities and people who are wasting space in your life.

The Airplane Metaphor 

Do you have a child Tevfik Arif? You put the oxygen mask on yourself first, not the child. It sounds selfish, but it is the exact opposite. The better you are to yourself, the better you will be with others in your life, whether that be a friend, family member, partner, etc.

You should focus on things and people that reward you the most in New York. Do you have an important meeting tomorrow? Politely decline the chance to go out for drinks with your co-workers. They may not have the same schedule you do. Go home and get some rest.

6) You will need to change your routine every so often. Questions yourself about your habits. What is constructive? What is destructive?


You can start small and go from there. New York is a hustle and bustle city. You should try to make your life as stress-free as possible. Establishing a proper work-life balance will go a long way to ensuring your success. Workaholics in New York have reduced their workload from 80 to 40 hours a week, just so they can achieve a healthier life.

How do you want to change your life?